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October 1, 2005

Planning Your Presentation

Here are a few questions and points to consider when planning your presentation.

1. Who are you presenting to? (Who is your target audience?)

2. What is the most important information that needs to be presented? (Your main points)

3. How long will your presentation be?

4. Are the people listening to your presentation experts on the topic you are presenting? (This will determine if you have to give a basic overview presentation or if you can give a specific detailed one.)

5. Does everyone speak the language you are presenting in? (If you are giving a presentation in English to Spanish speakers who have basic English skills, then you want to avoid being over technical and complicated with your presentation language.)

6. How can you make your presentation appealing and interesting throughout?

When you have answered all of these questions, you can move on the preparation stage of the presentation.
Next time I will talk about the preparation stage.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them.

Posted by Kent at October 1, 2005 2:50 PM

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