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September 26, 2005

At the movies Part 2

popcorn.jpgLast week we talked about different kinds of films and I introduced some expressions used to describe them in English. This week, I want suggest some more vocabulary for movies, as well as some phrases for giving opinions.

Saying you like a movie

Saying you dislike a movie

  • Hmmm... that was a bit disappointing.

  • It was so boring I almost fell asleep!

  • That was rubbish!

  • I didn't really enjoy (The Mobfather).

Explaining why you like a movie

  • I loved the (ending).

  • I really like the way (he rescued the Policeman).

  • Didn't you think (the car chase) was cool?

  • The (lead actor) was really convincing.

Explaining why you don't like a movie

  • I thought (the acting) was terrible!

  • (The plot) didn't make any sense.

  • (The special effects) looked really dated.

  • The first part was good, but the ending was stupid.

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